Recent Patents on Engineering, Vol 13, No 1 (2019)

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Security of NoSQL Database Against Intruders

Dr. Khaleel Ahmad, Mr. Md. Shoaib Alam, Dr. Nur Izura Udzir


Background: The evolution of distributed web-based applications and cloud computing have brought out the demand to store a large amount of big data in distributed databases. Such efficient system offers excessive availability and scalability to users. The new type of database resolves many new challenges especially in large-scale and high concurrency applications which are not present in the relational database. NoSQL refers to non-relational databases that different from Relational Database Management System. Objective: NoSQL is having many features over traditional databases such as high scalability, distributed computing, lower cost, schema flexibility, semi or un-semi structural data and no complex relationship. Methods: NoSQL databases are “BASE” Systems. The BASE (Basically Available, Soft state, Eventual consistency), that formulates the CAP theorem whose properties are used by BASE System. The distributed computer system cannot guarantee all of the following three properties at the same time that is consistency, availability and partition tolerance. Result: As progressively sharp big data is being saved in NoSQL databases, it is essential to preserve higher security measures to ensure safe and trusted communication across the network. In this patent, we describe the security of NoSQL database against intruders which is growing rapidly. Conclusion: This patent also defines probably the most prominent NoSQL databases and descriptions their security aspects and problems.


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