Recent Patents on Engineering, Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

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Minimum Fluidization Velocity Experimental Research Based on Biomass Internal Circulation Fluidized Bed

Dr. Hongju Lin, Prof. Dezhong Zheng


Based on cold experiment device of biomass internal circulation fluidized bed, different sizes of silica sand and bed material heights experiments were done under normal temperature and pressure respectively, influences of particle sizes and heights of the bed material on minimum fluidization velocity were analyzed from relationship diagram between differential pressure and air velocity. The results show that it increases with particle diameters increasing; it is almostly independent on bed material height. A thorough literature survey on the correlations of it was carried. It was found that the relative errors between it predicted by the correlations and the experimental values were bigger. The solved method of it was given based on modified Ergun equation and minimum fluidization voidage estimation calculation, the predicted values of the method are in good agreement with the experimental values, the relative error is less than 10%, and it provides a reliable reference basis for internal circulation fluidized bed structure optimization, amplification design and operation.


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