Recent Patents on Engineering, Vol 10, No 1 (2016)

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Multi-Objective Optimization of an Aircraft Position Indicator and Actuation System (PIAS) using GPSIA+DS

Dr. O. K. Gabriel


In this work, the application of a multi-objective optimization algorithm called Genetic Pareto Set Identification Algorithm plus Different Sex (GPSIA+DS) to an aircraft Position Indicator and Actuator System (PIAS) is presented. PIAS component failure rates were obtained via Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). PIAS reliability and cost were the study objective functions subject to weight constrains. The performance of GPSIA+DS for the test problem was investigated through a comparative study. In the comparative study GPSIA+DS was compared with fast-sort genetic algorithm plus constrained dominance principle (NSGA-II+CD). Although NSGA-II+DS out performed GPSIA+DS for this test problem, it is evident that GPSIA+DS is equally an efficient algorithm.


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