Recent Patents on Engineering, Vol 11, No 3 (2017)

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Optimization Method of the Equipment Reliability Test

Prof. Hongyan Dui, Dr. Jingjing Weng


Background: With the development of the equipment, the reliability test usually needs to pay a high cost. In order to improve the test efficiency and reduce the resource waste, the equipment reliability test should be optimized. Importance measures can identify the system weak link and provide support for the system optimization design. We have reviewed the patents relating to the equipmen reliability test, which seldom consider the importance measures.Methods: In this paper, the reliability importance measure is usedto analyze the structure evolution of the equipment system. Then, based on the importance analysis, the improved scheme is proposed to optimize the equipment reliability test. Results: According to the importance measure, in a type of artillery system, the results show that due to the reduction of the shock and vibration, the shooting and driving tests are decreased a lot.The system has operated six months in the actual test. Conclusion: This provides the technology support for the application of the importance measure in the field of the equipment reliability test. The proposed method can effectively improve equipment reliability test, and save the test time and resources.


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