Recent Patents on Engineering, Vol 12, No 1 (2018)

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A Secure Image Encryption Scheme using Chaos and Wavelet Transformations

Dr. Bhaskar Mondal, Tarni Mandal, Danish Ali Khan, Tanupriya Choudhury


Background: Images are widely stored and transform over public channel for communication, medical purpose or organizational uses. Mostly the images are collected from the remote location, therefore the confidentiality of the data becomes the most important matter of concern. The most convenient way to protect the data (image) is to encrypt it right after the capturing the images from the sensors at remote locations. There are a large numbers of patents registered till date. We have covered all the benchmark and important patents on encryption. Objective: This paper furnish an enhanced secure encryption scheme to assure the confidentiality of images at the time of transmission or storage. There are numerous encryption algorithms proposed in the recent days, most of them are not suitable for image encryption due to their high computational overhead and design structure. The proposed scheme has comparatively low computational overhead as it uses 2D DWT for decomposition of the image and chaotic maps for generating pseudo random numbers sequence (PRNS). Method: The scheme is based on 2D DWT and chaotic maps. The scheme may divide into two basic phase. In the first phase It permute the image using pseudo-random numbers generated by Arnold’s cat map followed by a transformation in 2D DWT for diffusion based on enhanced piece wise linear chaotic map (EPWLCM). Results: The proposed scheme is tasted statistically and found promising in results. So the proposed scheme is secure to any attack, light weight and effective. Conclusion: The proposed scheme highly reduced the computational complexity, but without compromising with the security. A number of testes was done and the results were satisfactory. The scheme may simply modified for color image or any other kind of data encryption.


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