Recent Patents on Engineering, Vol 12, No 1 (2018)

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Persistent Cellular Telephony: Enhanced Secure GSM architecture

Dr. Kavita Sharma, Prabhat Kumar, Muhammad Zafarul Quadri, Nhu Nguyen Gia, Preetish Ranjan


Background: Mobile phones are the best possible mode of contact in case of any emergency situation. However, a message such as switched off or out of coverage area on mobile phones may make a caller helpless. There is no way of contacting a mobile user if the user is in a situation of out of range or switched off state due to non-coverage or any technical fault.Objective:This paper proposes a method using existing GSM architecture which allows to contact the cellphone users even if their mobile is switched off or out of coverage area.Methods: The proposed solutiongathers the information of all the mobile phones present in the vicinity of a particular mobile phoneover a Bluetooth connection.This information is stored and maintained at the network subsystem in a database called Phone List Register (PLR) which is updated periodically. Whenever a user needs to contact a mobile which may be either switched off or out of coverage area the service provider shall make this list available to the user so as to contact the intended receiver.Results:The proposed method has been analysed to be a viable solution for providing messages to a particular person, or even identifying the last known location of the user in emergency scenarios such as terrorist attacks, kidnapping and other disaster situations.Conclusion: The implementation of PCT in GSM network will open a wide range of facilities for a user that will make mobile communication more persistent and easy to use.


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