Recent Patents on Engineering, Vol 12, No 1 (2018)

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New Method for Testing the Grouting Compactness in Pre-Stressed Concrete Girder

Dr. Xuansheng Cheng, Qingming Xiang, Shenghui Qi, Jiaxuan Su, Tianshu Yang


Background: The post-tensioned pre-stressed concrete girder is widely used in modern bridge construction. Grouting compactness has a great influence on the safety, reliability and durability of pre-stressed concrete girders. So it is important to test the grouting compactness of the pre-stressed girder to ensure the construction quality and meet the design requirements. However, there are some defects in the existing method for testing the grouting quality of post-tensioned pre-stressed concrete girders. Therefore, a new method should be invented. Methods: In this paper, the recent research status and patents on grouting compactness testing is summarized, and the principles of grouting quality testing methods (ultrasonic testing method, impact-echo method, radiographic testing method, endoscope testing method, infrared radiometry method, and ground penetrating radar testing method) that are commonly used are compared and analyzed. Results: Based on the advantages, disadvantages and applicability of these testing methods, by refining the current patents relating to grouting compactness testing, a new intelligent testing equipment is integrated, and a new method is proposed. Conclusion: This new method is more efficient and more accurate, it has a good applicability in engineering.


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