Vol 12, No 3 (2018)


Table of Contents


Numerical Investigations on Influence of Bubble Velocity, Gravity Level and Bubble Coalescence on Liquid Turbulence Modulation in Horizontal Channel Bubbly Flow
Dr. Mingjun Pang, Mr. Zhan Zhang, Mr. Yang Fei, Mr. Yidan Xu
Size effect on cracking load of recycled aggregate concrete beam
Ms. J.Y. Zhao, Dr. Q.W. Yang, Dr. C.F. Liang
An enhanced cuckoo search algorithm and its application in transformer fault diagnosis
Dr. Jiatang Cheng, Yan Xiong
A Novel Design of Insertion Mechanism for Cannula Flexible Needle Applied in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Mr. Kai-Ming Shi, Prof. Yong-De Zhang, Dr. Yan-Jiang Zhao, Mr. Wen-Qiang Wu, Mr. Yan Yu
Lead cleanup from environment using altered form of chitosan: A review
Ms. Preeti Pal, dr Anjali Pal
Generalized Fuzzy Information Entropy Measure: A Case Study for the Selection of Diamond Among Various Brands
Dr. Vijay Kumar, Ms. sarika jain, Dr. Arti saxena
Research on Five-axis NC Simulation and Parameter Optimization for Aviation Integral Impeller
Mr. Meng Liu, Prof. Yujun Cai, Prof. Guohe Li, Mr. Hui Lu
Design and Analysis of the Wearable Power Assisted Robot
Prof. Dedong Tang
Shield for Sand: an Innovative Barrier for Windblown Sand Mitigation
Prof. Luca Bruno, Dr. Nicolas Coste, Dr. Davide Fransos, Dr. Andrea Lo Giudice, Prof. Luigi Preziosi, Dr. Lorenzo Raffaele

ISSN: 2212-4047