Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

vol 9, no. 2,(2015) ENG: 9-2

Table of Contents


Mooring System Design and Classification of an Innovative Offshore Wind Turbine in Different Water Depth
Dr. Constantine Michailides, Dr. Madjid Karimirad
Review of Recent Patents on Anaerobic Digester Gas for Fuel Cells Applications
Mr. Billy Warlick, Mr. Christian Diaz, Mr. Paulo Santos Vasconcelos, Dr. Cristina Crespo, Dr. Mateo Aboy
Photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals in “artificial photosynthesis” systems: recent developments and patents review
Dr. Ángel Martín, Dr. Alexander Navarrete, Dr. M. Dolores Bermejo
Recent Repair Technology for Aero-engine Blades
Dr. Tao WANG, Mr. Huapeng Ding, Dr. Jie Tang, Dr. Hao Wang
Minimum Fluidization Velocity Experimental Research Based on Biomass Internal Circulation Fluidized Bed
Dr. Hongju Lin, Prof. Dezhong Zheng

ISSN: 2212-4047