Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry

Aims & Scope The aim of Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry is to publish short reviews on the important recent developments in medicinal chemistry and allied disciplines. The scope of Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry will cover all areas of medicinal chemistry including developments in rational drug design, synthetic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, drug targets, and natural product research and structure-activity relationship studies. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry is an essential journal for every medicinal and pharmaceutical chemist who wishes to be kept informed and up-to-date with the latest and most important developments.

MRMC 16-17

Table of Contents


The Inhibition of Cysteine Proteases Rhodesain and TbCatB: a Valuable Approach to Treat Human African Trypanosomiasis
Dr. Roberta Ettari, Dr. Santo Previti, Dr. Lucia Tamborini, Prof. Silvana Grasso, Prof. Maria Zappalà
Phosphoroorganic metal complexes in therapeutics
Dr. Sebastian Demkowicz, Mr. Witold Kozak, Mr. Mateusz Daśko, Prof. Janusz Rachon
Biotransformation of Puerarin and Its Relative Dirivaes’ Pharmacological Activity and the Clinical Application
Dr. Guiyou Liu, Dr. Zhonghua Liu, Prof. Sheng Yuan
Phenolics and Terpenoids; the Promising New Search for Anthelmintics: A Critical Review
Mr. Niladri Mukherjee, Mr. Suprabhat Mukherjee, Dr. Prasanta Saini, Ms. Priya Roy Roy, Prof. Santi P. Sinha Babu
An Overview on Small Molecule Inhibitors of BRD4
Dr. Wenhai Huang, Mr. Xiaoliang Zheng, Dr. Yewei Yang, Prof. Xiaoju Wang, Prof. Zhengrong Shen

ISSN: 1875-5607