Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 18, No 12 (2018)

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Chemistry of Heterocyclic Five and Six Membered Enamino Nitriles and Enamino Esters

Prof. Hesham ElSeedi, Moustafa Sherief Moustafa, Saleh Mohammed Al-Mousawi, Mohamed Hilmy Elnagdi


Progress in chemistry synthetic methodologies of cyclic enaminonitriles is reported. Due to this progress, it becomes possible to reactivate these molecules toward electrophiles, nucleophiles and as electron rich dienes in 2+3 dipolar additions and in 4+2 cycloadditions reactions. Synthetizing the polyfunctionalized 4H-pyrans and their fused derivatives is a fascinating field with a multitude of biological implications such as antitumor, cardiotonic, hepatoprotective, antihypertensive, antibronchitis, as well antifungal activity. Data detailed in interaction of cyclic enamines, synthetic pathways, survey literature since 1990 with special emphasis on our groups original data and contributions in the field and the possible biological activities have been presented in this review.


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