Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 17, No 5 (2017)

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Clinical application of chitosan in dental specialities

Dr. Mieszko Wieckiewicz


Chitosan is a linear amino-polysaccharide and a natural polymer with a structure based on repetitive deacetylated and acetylated units randomly distributed. It is produced from chitin, one of the most common naturally occurring polysaccharides. Its numerous biomedical applications have been extensively described in the literature. It becomes more and more popular therapeutic agent and its use is constantly extended. Given its commonness, regenerative properties, easy chemical treatment, and biocompatibility, it might be used in the treatment of damaged oral cavity tissues. Due to its antibacterial and regenerative-inducting properties as well as high biocompetency, chitosan is more and more frequently used in medicine, including dentistry. It can be applied in all fields of dentistry including preventive dentistry, conservative dentistry, endodontics, surgery, periodontology, prosthodontics and orthodontics. Several data discussing effectiveness of chitosan use onto new bone formation are still inconclusive. The aim of the paper was to evaluate the applicability and biochemical impact of chitosan on oral health maintenance. Even though chitosan might find its adhibition in all dental specialities, it should still be considered as potential allergen and thus further studies in this topic should be considered.


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