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Vol 17, No 18 (2017): MRMC 17-18 Experimental Models for Evaluation of Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy Abstract
Dr. Rishi Paliwal
Vol 18, No 3 (2018): MRMC 18-3 Exploring 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Scaffold For Anti-inflammatory And Analgesic Activities: A Review Of Literature From 2005-2016 Abstract
Dr. Gita Chawla, Ms. Baby Naaz, Dr. Anees Ahmad Siddiqui
Vol 18, No 12 (2018): MRMC 18-12 Exploring promising immunomodulatory potential of natural and synthetic 1,3-diphenyl-2-propen-1-one analogs synthesized via Claisen-Schmidt condensation reaction: A review of mechanistic insight Abstract
Dr. Zahid Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Safdar, Dr. Humna Hasan
Vol 17, No 14 (2017): MRMC 17-14 Exploring the chemical space of P-glycoprotein interacting compounds Abstract
Ms. Veda Prachayasittikul, Mr. Prasit Mandi, Dr. Watshara Shoombuatong, Prof. Supaluk Prachayasittikul, Prof. Virapong Prachayasittikul, Prof. Chanin Nantasenamat
Vol 18, No 7 (2018): MRMC 18-7 Facile and Solvent-free Domino Synthesis of New Quinolidinyl-2,4-thiazolidinones: Antifungal Activity and Molecular Docking Abstract
Mr. Dnyaneshwar D Subhedar, Mr. Mubarak H Shaikh, Dr. Santosh G Tupe, Prof. M V Deshpande, Dr. Vijay M Khedkar, Dr. Prakash C Jha, Dr. Bapurao B. Shingate
Vol 18, No 19 (2018): MRMC 18-19 Farnesyl trasnsferase inhibitors as potential anticancer agents Abstract
Mr. SOUNAK BAGCHI, Dr. Venkatesan Jayaprakash, Mr. Parth Rathee, Dr. SUGATO BANERJEE
Vol 19, No 8 (2019): MRMC 19-8 Fluparoxan: A Comprehensive Review of its Discovery, Adrenergic and CNS activity, and treatment of Cognitive Dysfunction in central Neurodegenerative diseases Abstract
Dr. Alan David Borthwick
Vol 16, No 16 (2016): MRMC 16-16 G4 Aptamers: Trends in Structural Design Abstract
Dr. Anna Varizhuk, Dr. Nikolay Ilyinsky, Dr. Igor Smirnov, Prof. Galina Pozmogova
Vol 16, No 5 (2016): MRMC 16-5 Getting a Handle on RAS-targeted Therapies: Cysteine Directed Inhibitors Abstract
Dr. S. Zhang
Vol 17, No 8 (2017): MRMC 17-8 Glucocorticoid Receptor Interacting Co-regulators: Putative Candidates for Future Drug Targeting Therapy. Abstract
Dr. Alessia Di Silvestre, Dr. Marianna Lucano, Dr. Sara De Iudicibus, Prof. Alessandro Ventura, Dr. Stefano Martelossi, Dr. Gabriele Stocco, Prof. Giuliana Decorti
Vol 17, No 1 (2017): MRMC 17-1 Glycine and its benefic effects Abstract
Dr. Israel Pérez-Torres, Dr. Alejandra Zúñiga-Muñóz, Dr. Verónica Guarner-Lans
Vol 16, No 15 (2016): MRMC 16-15 Glycoconjugates of Quinolines: Application in Medicinal Chemistry Abstract
Dr. Valentina Oliveri, Prof. Graziella Vecchio
Vol 15, No 4 (2015): MRMC 15-4 Green Chemistry: Recent advances on the synthesis of pyrazoles with antioxidant activities Abstract
Dr. Claudio Martin Pereira de Pereira
Vol 17, No 9 (2017): MRMC 17-9 Green Synthesis and Molecular Docking of Thiazolyl-thiazole Derivatives as Potential Cytotoxic Agents Abstract
Dr. Sobhi M. Gomha, Dr. Mohamad Abdelaziz, Ms. Shaimaa Hassan
Vol 16, No 3 (2016): MRMC Gut microbiota modulation and mucosal immunity: focus on Rifaximin Abstract
Dr. F. Pandolfi

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