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Vol 15, No 2 (2015): MRMC 15-2 Tretinoin still as a Key Agent for UV Photoaging Management Abstract
Prof. Andreia p Ascenso, Prof. Helena Ribeiro, Prof. Helena Marques, Dr. Helena Oliveira, Prof. Conceição Santos, Dr. Sandra Simões
Vol 18, No 9 (2018): MRMC 18-9 Triazolopyrimidines and Thiazolopyrimidines: Synthesis, Anti-HSV-1, Cytotoxicity and Mechanism of action Abstract
Prof. Thoraya A. Farghaly, Dr. Salwa F. Mohamed, Dr. Eman M Abbas
Vol 17, No 11 (2017): MRMC 17-11 Trypanothione Reductase: A Target for the Development of Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi drugs Abstract
Dr. karina Vazquez, Dr. Margot Paulino, Dr. Cristian Osvaldo Salas, Dr. Juan J. Zarate-Ramos, Ms. Brenda Vera, Dr. Gildardo Rivera
Vol 18, No 1 (2018): MRMC 18-1 Tuberculosis and its management: An overview Abstract
Dr. Ranju Bansal, Dr. Deepika Sharma, Mr. Ranjit Singh
Vol 18, No 14 (2018): MRMC 18-14 Ultrasound assisted Cu-catalyzed synthesis of 1,2-disubstituted benzimidazoles as potential antibacterial agents Abstract
Prof. Manojit Pal, A. Srinivasa Rao, A. Srinivasa Rao, V. Mallikarjuna Rao, V. Mallikarjuna Rao, S. Yasaswi, S. Yasaswi, S. Shobha Rani, S. Shobha Rani
Vol 18, No 17 (2018): MRMC 18-17 Ultrasound assisted one-pot and sequential synthesis of 3-methyleneisoindolin-1-ones and their in vitro evaluation Abstract
Dr. Manojit Pal, Mandava V. Basaveswara Rao, Kancharla Suman
Vol 18, No 10 (2018): MRMC 18-10 Ultrasound assisted synthesis of quinoline derivatives in the presence of SnCl2•2H2O as a precatalyst in water: evaluation of their antibacterial activities Abstract
Dr. Manojit Pal, Mandava V. Basaveswara Rao, T. Bhaskara Rao
Vol 17, No 13 (2017): MRMC 17-13 Understanding Plastid Vesicle Transport – Could It Provide Benefit for Human Medicine? Abstract
Dr. Henrik Aronsson, Dr. Nadir Zaman Khan, Dr. Emelie Lindquist, Dr. Mohamed Alezzawi
Vol 16, No 3 (2016): MRMC Understanding the molecular mechanisms of rifaximin in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders – a focus on the modulation of host tissue function Abstract
Dr. F. Pandolfi
Vol 17, No 16 (2017): MRMC 17-16 Up Scaling Strategies to Improve the Industrial Production of Bacitracin at Largescale Abstract
Prof. Kamil Kuca, Dr. Aneta Kocourkova, Prof. Jana Danova, Dr. Jan Honegr
Vol 15, No 2 (2015): MRMC 15-2 Validation of Human Clinical Genetic Tests Abstract
Dr. Juan Peris-Vicente, Dr. Enrique Ochoa-Aranda, Dr. Samuel Carda-Broch, Dr. Josep Esteve-Romero
No 9 (2016): MRMC 16-9 Vitamin A and Diabesity: New Insight for Drug Discovery Abstract
Dr. Erika Cione
Vol 17, No 12 (2017): MRMC 17-12 Vitamin E - Occurrence, Biosynthesis by Plants and Functions in Human Nutrition Abstract
Dr. Renata Szymańska, Beatrycze Nowicka, Jerzy Kruk
Vol 17, No 12 (2017): MRMC 17-12 Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B9 – Occurrence, Biosynthesis Pathways and Functions in Human Nutrition Abstract
Dr. Maria Rapala-Kozik, Natalia Wolak, Mariusz Gogol, Andrzej Kozik, Marcin Zawrotniak

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