Bentham JMS User Guide


1. How to submit a manuscript.
2. How to submit an abstract.
3. How to submit a Proposal
4. How to register as an author/Reviewer
5. How to register in other journal if Already Registered User
6. How to submit manuscript of an accepted abstract.
7. How to submit manuscript/abstract in a hot topic.
8. How to submit quick submission in a hot topic.
9. How to Create a New Issue
10. How to schedule an issue
11. How to resubmit the revised version for second round of review.
12. How to send file to initiate copyediting
13. How to assign RE/Handling editor
14. How to search journal on homepage.
15. How to create users and enroll existing user in other role.
16. How to Inactive submission at any stage of review /editing.
17. How to revive a submission.
18. How to do the self-review on a manuscript.
19. How to assign reviewers and track till response.
20. How to proceed on behalf of reviewer.
21. How to proceed manuscript cross verfication using JMS.
22. How to send QC Revision Required to an author.
23. If acceptance is required to take on manuscript and editor decision dropdown is not showing Accept Submission decision. what are the steps to ensure the process has completed.
24. How to accept/decline manuscripts in Quality Assurance department.
25. How to process EIC Approval for Hot Topic Manuscript.
26. How to Import Data From ICS.