Vol 11, No 1 (2017)


Table of Contents


Parametric neural network modeling in Engineering
Dmitriy A. Tarkhov, Tatiana V. Lazovskaya, Alexandr N. Vasilye
The reasons of thermal runaway in nickel-cadmium batteries
N. E. Galushkin, N. N. Yazvinskayaa, D. N. Galushkina, I. A. Galushkin
Probability estimation of thermal runaway in batteries on the basis of fuzzy logic formalism
Dr. Marina Semenenko
Methods for Analysis and Simulation of Ballistic Impact
Dr. John D Clayton
Online Surface Defects Detection System For Cold-rolled Steel Strip
Dr. Zimiao ZHANG, Dr. Shihai ZHANG, Dr. Qiu LI
A review on the removal technologies of nickel(II) ion from aqueous solution
Dr. M. U. Khobragade, Mr. Ashish Kumar Nayak, Dr. Anjali Pal
A novel approach for the assembly line balancing problem through integration of genetic algorithm and simulation analysis
Mr. Junquan Peng, Dr. Xinhua Liu, Mr. Zhaobo Xu
A Review of the Recent Development of the Philippine Household Technologies and Energy Consumption
Dr. Napoleon Enteria, Odinah Cuartero

ISSN: 2212-4047