Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 19, No 3 (2019)

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A Review on Recent Synthetic Strategies and Pharmacological Importance of 1,3-Thiazole Derivatives

Ms. Swarna gowri, Dr. Santosh L Gaonkar


Thiazole is the versatile heterocyclic compound in heterocyclic chemistry and in drug design. Presence of several reaction sites in the thiazole moiety extends their range of applications and leads to new solutions for challenges in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. Thiazole derivatives are widely used as bioactive agents, liquid crystals, sensors, catalysts, etc. The motivating molecular architecture of 1,3-thiazoles make them suitable moieties for drug development. In this review, our aim is to corroborate the recent data available on various synthetic strategies and biological properties of 1,3-thiazole derivatives.


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